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reselling hosting

Reselling Hosting for Agencies

Performance-optimized hosting for your clients

It is great for your web agency taking on larger projects, but managing infrastructure and putting out fires takes so long. Is carrying out administrative tasks frustrating for your developers? Make your developers happier with Hidora Cloud Platform so they can be focused on building great sites for your clients and not managing infrastructure.


Look at website development from a different point of view

Maintenance, monitoring, updates of website engine and operating system, we cover them all. Hidora can easily replace the System Administrator in your team, this leads to payroll savings and faster time to market of your clients’ websites. We can also support you during the pre-sales process on new opportunities and provide you with all necessary marketing materials.

Trustworthy Hosting

reliable hosting
Reliable Hosting

Give your clients the lightning-fast hosting they expect. With Hidora your clients would never lose their profit, because of an auto-scaling feature that scales your resources automatically up and down, in and out, no matter what time of day or night traffic spikes occur.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

If your clients requested high availability hosting – Hidora is a perfect option for that because it can automate load balancing, enable database replication for data redundancy and even clustering. We guarantee 99.95% uptime.


Create websites with one click of a button and manage them using professional tools: more than 60 of your favourite pre-configured applications and clustered solutions. One platform to manage all of your WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Magnolia or any other CMS project.

What features do your developers get?

create in one click
Create cloud environments and websites with one click

Your system administrators are overloaded with requests from developers? Hidora offers uncompromised self-service creation of cloud environments. Whether a developer needs to create a simple LAMP testing environment or a production-ready highly available Java or MEAN configuration– Hidora’s NoOps portal covers it.

Cloning customer’s environment

If you have been many years in the web agency business, you will know how much trouble live changes to a production website can cause. Hidora provides a unique feature that allows cloning of the entire customer’s environment with load balancers, web servers and even databases. This helps you to make a development copy of your live website with one click, test how your update patches work and move this development copy to staging and production.

devops infinity
CI/CD automation using Git/SVN and/or Docker

Our integration with source control software and services such as Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or SVN makes the process of continuous integration and continuous delivery smooth and easy. Hidora also adopts the latest software trends such as Docker and Microservices, so your developers can leverage these.

Collaborate with colleagues and clients

Sometimes your clients want to own their hosting accounts themselves and provide your company only with management permission. It is possible with Hidora, as well as sharing sites with your team and customers, granular management of permissions and control of all performed actions are audited by logging.

What benefits do your clients get?

Your clients’ data is always secure with Hidora because all our servers are located in Gland, Switzerland.


Your data is secure with Hidora. We backup all your data every 24 hours and we keep them during 15 days. If you need to restore either a single file or an entire server – we will do it promptly to ensure that your app will run continuously.


Hidora’s hourly based billing approach may definitely attract your customers who don’t want to overpay for unused resources like they do on AWS, Google or almost any other hosting provider. On the other hand, you may offer postpaid billing plans and monthly subscriptions with fixed fees.

24/7 Technical Support

Can your team handle deep technical issues? You can rely on Hidora’s certified support team and get technical expertise whenever you need. We know how uptime is critical for your clients’ businesses, so we provide you with the fastest  response time possible.

Only storage for clients with seasonal businesses

Hidora offers a very economical solution for your clients who have seasonal businesses. They can pay only for storage and save a significant amount of money compared to any VPS plan.

white labeling

White Labeling

Do you want to offer cloud services on behalf of your own brand? It is not a problem with Hidora. You can white-label your customers’ dashboard, emails and even the payment gateway.


Everything your agency and your clients need is included. Want to become a hosting reseller?


for any agency

  • 10% customer discount on purchased Professional services & Cloud Consulting on the 1st year

  • 10% referral on the 1st year

  • Pre-sales support on new opportunities


for agencies generating over CHF 20k per annum

  • 10% customer lifetime discount on purchased Professional services & Cloud Consulting

  • 10% customer lifetime referral

  • Pre-sales support on new opportunities


for agencies generating over CHF 50k per annum

  • 15% customer discount on purchased Professional services & Cloud Consulting

  • 15% customer lifetime referral

  • Free trials for your prospective customers

  • White labelled instances