Swiss Hosting | Data Protection & Security in Switzerland

Swiss Hosting: Data Protection & Security in Switzerland

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Switzerland is one of the very few countries that can offer a high level of data storage security.

Security is one of the most important things for the application owners. Data protection laws differ from country to country. The United States, for example, is not considered as a reliable country for application hosting needs, because of its anti-privacy laws.

Fortunately, you can make a choice where to host your data and the data of your clients. There are several countries where your data will be fully protected from access by third parties, especially from a snooping government.

Switzerland is one of the very few countries that can offer a high level of data storage security. Let’s understand why.

High Level of Privacy

Individuals and companies are protected by GDPR – new European law for privacy protection. For many years, all personal data, including digital, was protected by Federal Act on Data Protection that forbade unauthorized access to data kept in Switzerland in any format (physical or digital). This act provided one of the highest data privacy standards in the world. That’s why Data privacy is deeply integrated in Swiss mindset.

Political Stability

Keeping a distance from the world’s political infighting Switzerland stays safe and politically stable. Thinking of servers as physical instances, every application owner should be sure that the data centre where his servers are kept will not be destroyed or suffer any infrastructural damage.  In Switzerland, you always lease new infrastructure, and collaborate with hosting providers who update their security protocol on an ongoing basis to prevent hacking attacks. Staying politically neutral Switzerland retains the status of one of the safest countries in the world year after year.

Moreover, Switzerland is well-known for its currency stability which is an important aspect of keeping your subscription fee at the same level. Because currency fluctuations may adversely affect your hosting bill.

The Business Continuity

Geography plays a great role when it comes to data protection. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or any other natural catastrophes may threaten the safety of your data by destroying the building where your servers are kept. Thanks to a temperate climate and alpine landscape the level of natural disasters in Switzerland is very low compared with other countries.

Multilingual Service

Another advantage of storing your data in Switzerland is that it is a multilingual country. People speak German, French, Italian and all companies provide English speaking support. That’s why language barrier is not a problem.

Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD Act)

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Recently Microsoft announced that they plan to deliver the Microsoft Azure Cloud from their first datacenter in Switzerland. Let’s explain whether an American company can provide the same level of privacy as a local one.

Since 2013 Microsoft has been suing the U.S. Department of Justice, due to the fact that the DOJ thinks it has a right to any data collected by an American company even if the data is stored outside the U.S., referring to the MLAT. Microsoft doesn’t agree to provide data to the DOJ and is trying to contest it, but there has been no progress to date.

Last March, U.S. President Donald Trump signed the government spending bill which included the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD Act), simplifying the law enforcement agencies access to data from Internet users, regardless of the country in which it is stored.

So coming to Switzerland Microsoft will still work under American legislation and your data will not be protected from access by third parties.

Hidora PaaS customer service policy puts privacy as its highest priority. When it comes to privacy protection Switzerland is one of the best countries to ensure that your data is fully protected.