DevOpsDays Conference Comes to Geneva | DevOps Time in Switzerland

DevOps Time in Switzerland: DevOpsDays Conference Comes to Geneva


The term DevOps came into existence in the global IT lexicon at the end of the last decade. How did the DevOps movement actually start?

According to Damon Edwards YouTube story, the term ‘DevOps’ was originated thanks to Patrick Debois and Andrew Shafer, who met each other at the Agile conference in Toronto in 2008. Patrick was an IT consultant, and Andrew was a former programmer. They were both concerned about the gap between development and operation and found this topic very important. They decided to organize the Agile Systems Administration in Google Groups to find like-minded people. It resulted in some interesting chats, but the group did not become popular.

In 2009, while in Belgium, Patrick saw the stream of O’Reilly Velocity Conference held in San José. After seeing the presentation of John Allspaw and Paul Hammond named “10-plus deploys per day: dev and ops cooperation at Flickr”, he got very interested in this topic. Patrick wrote on his Twitter that he would love to personally attend the Velocity Conference, to which Paul Nasser jokingly suggested that Patrick should organize his own Velocity conference in Belgium.

Patrick couldn’t stop thinking about it. After a while, he organized a meeting of developers and system administrators in October 2009 in Ghent, Belgium. Patrick realized the event needed a name, and it was obvious to include “Dev” and “Ops” in it. He also added the word ‘Days’ since the event lasted two days. This is how the name DevOpsDays appeared.

The conference attracted many progressive system administrators, developers, managers and system programmers. It was so successful that Twitter discussions continued even after. It took far too long to type the full name of the conference as a hashtag – #DevOpsDays and the word ‘Days’ was removed not to spend 4 out of 140 valuable characters on it. The DevOps term became very popular ever since.

After that, the event resulted in a permanent series of conferences held under the same name around the world. Each conference is initiated by volunteers from local areas.

Over the years the term has been firmly established in Swiss IT language, but still, it was considered an abstract concept and perceived as something theoretical, which was almost impossible to “touch”.

As you may know, the DevOps concept has emerged as the evolution of agile development methods. A fundamentally new DevOps approach considered software life cycle management issues in conjunction with the operational phase and continuous program upgrades. In contrast, Agile was limited to the software development process in the traditional interpretation. The idea of integrating the efforts of developers and business users is explicitly reflected in the very name of the term: DevOps = Development + Operations.

Today, Agile and DevOps are already perceived not just as something possible, but as the main concepts in today’s market conditions in Switzerland when business competitiveness directly depends on the speed of new IT solutions implementation.  Although a few years ago there were a lot of doubts about the practical implementation of DevOps principles.

The number of enthusiasts developing DevOps culture in Switzerland is constantly growing. And it is possible that DevOps is now experiencing a qualitative transformation stage of the theory into practice in Switzerland. The upcoming DevOpsDays conference held in Geneva, Switzerland on 21-22 February 2019 organized and sponsored by Hidora is the confirmation of this turning point.

Hidora is evangelizing DevOps culture in Switzerland. We are proud that our CEO Matthieu ROBIN became the ideator and one of organizers of the DevOpsDays Geneva conference this year. The organizers invited the best speakers and chose the convenient venue for the conference.

The question “whether DevOps is required” will not be discussed at the conference, instead, all presentations and workshops will be built around how to implement DevOps and effectively use these methods, reducing potential risks and achieving maximum results. It will be the discussion topic for the experts from world famous IT companies like Google, Adobe, Elastic, Cloudflare who will share their experience.

It is also important to speak about the connection of the DevOps concept to the key technological directions of IT development – virtualization, clouds, micro-service architecture, Open Source, service models, etc. In this respect, it will be very revealing that a whole series of reports will be devoted to Kubernetes trend technologies. That are building blocks of any modern infrastructure.

DevOps is the future and we in Hidora do everything to keep up with the times. Join us for the conference to become a part of the DevOps culture, learn the secrets of speeding up a time-to-market and release new products faster than your competitors!