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Docker Container Hosting

PaaS Hosting for Docker Containers. Hidora supports many ways of Docker container deployment, including container deployment via UI, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

What is Docker Container?

Docker is a technology designed to simplify the process of creating, deploying, distributing and running apps in diverse environments. Using Docker containers developers can package apps with all dependencies, libraries, binaries, settings and other modules, and distribute all of them as a single unmodified package. what is docker

In the past, it was difficult to be certain that your application will run anywhere without dramatic changes because of different configurations of runtime environments and operating systems.

Using containers, developers can be sure that their application will run properly on any other server or cloud environment, regardless of any customized parameters that the destination machine might have.

On the other hand, both developers and system administrators may benefit from Docker technology by integrating it into their DevOps (developers + operations) toolbox. Developers can focus on writing code without worrying about the deployment process. It also allows them to reuse thousands of programs that have already been dockerized, and integrate them into their applications. As a result, it significantly speeds up development and time-to-market for new applications.

System administrators benefit from Docker’s unified packaging standard and small footprint that leads to lower resource overhead. Using Docker containers, they can deploy applications on-premise or to any cloud provider without any changes to their deployment scripts. Due to this fact, they spend less time on repeatable manual actions and can concentrate on important tasks.

We Make Docker Simpler for You

Creating container-based deployments quickly and easily using intuitive UI
Auto-discovery and interlinking of containers during scaling
Live scaling for CPU & memory, disk space and I/O limits per container without a reboot
Ready-to-install scalable prepackaged Docker Swarm Cluster for complex Dockerized applications
Built-in statistics, interactive file management, logging and load monitoring
Built-in rolling update strategy for zero-downtime re-deployment of your container-based application
Making configurations from the command line
Ability to customize Docker links, environment variables and persistent volumes



Hidora is a Swiss Cloud Provider, which means that your data will be securely stored and processed only in Switzerland’s data centres.


Your app will always be available even during high traffic spikes thanks to automatic vertical and horizontal scaling.


Load Balancing

Sticky load balancing and smart traffic distribution will help to move legacy applications to containers without changing their architecture.



You will get first-class support from Hidora’s tech experts.

access control


Your team will be able to collaborate easily using Hidora’s rich collaboration features.

Pay as you-use

Automatic Hibernation

Automatic hibernation of idle containers can save up to 60% of your hosting costs.