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Swiss Managed Ecommerce Cloud Hosting

A Swiss сloud computing solution for both small and big e-commerce businesses; Hidora is a flexible, secured, auto-scalable hosting solution for online stores.

With Hidora your e-commerce website will remain operational all year round and run at a high speed. With our 24/7/365 support, you can be sure that you’ll never let your customers down.

Run the fastest online stores instantaneously with 99.98% guaranteed uptime

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Turn your website visitors into customers constantly with our 99.98% guaranteed uptime. You can focus on selling your products while we manage the server security. With Hidora’s maximum availability feature you will never fail under the load of traffic.

No one likes waiting and a sluggish website can hurt your sales. The Hidora Cloud Platform helps you to load and deliver content instantaneously with no lag. Hidora’s best-of-breed combination of Memcached, Apache, Varnish and Nginx provides a 100% guarantee of reliability with top-speed online store running.

Our servers are all SSD-based storage that cuts your website load-time in half and helps to rank higher on Google.

Get Optimized Hosting for WordPress, Magento nd many others

Hidora includes ready-to-launch performance-optimized e-commerce solutions. Whether you are running a WordPress or Drupal website, or even a huge Magento store, Hidora Cloud has you covered. One click installation of WordPress or Magento 1&2 provides you with a super quick start to building a storefront.

Keep unpredictable eCommerce traffic & hosting spendings under control

Whether hundreds or thousands of customers are visiting your website, Hidora Cloud Platform scales up efficiently during holiday traffic spikes or campaign-driven sales periods, and scales back automatically when things calm down.

The scaling provides significant cost savings in terms of your infrastructure, which means that during low seasons and quiet times, such as in the middle of the night, you will pay less.
Hidora Cloud only charges you for the resources you use, with no up-front charges or long-term contracts.

Run Your Stores on a Cloud protected by Swiss Legislation

Our servers are based exclusively in Switzerland

easy SSL integration

Easy SSL Integration

SSL/TLS certificates are a must have for ecommerce websites. You can readily deploy an SSL/TLS certificate on your website in three easy steps via the Cloud Console. Furthermore, we offer you a one-click option to protect your WordPress or Magento free SSL, Let’s Encrypt.

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Managed Server Security

All servers deployed on the Hidora cloud platform are properly secured and isolated from each other. In addition, our expert cloud engineering team monitors all of your servers and applies the latest OS and security patches regularly.


Automated & Managed Backups

A critical part of owning an ecommerce website is backing up your data regularly. Your data is always safe with Hidora. We conduct 1 incremental backup per day (every 24 hours) and a full backup every 5 days. Our fastest restore methods help your application run smoothly.


Real-Time Monitoring & Management

Be aware of all traffic spikes with real-time reports created by our Monitoring System. You can track and scale your servers manually or use automatic scaling if needed.


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Jerome Amoudruz

«The Black Friday team was very happy to collaborate with Hidora. We have a startup mindset and so do they. It is important to have flexibility and engagement for such a project and the Hidora team offered all this over and above the technical and consulting services. We are very excited to grow, assisted by their support team.»

Jerome Amoudruz


Creating an environment shouldn’t be hard

Deploy Magento into Hidora
Deploy Magento into AWS
Deploy Magento into Azure

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike many IaaS solutions that require significant involvement of your SysAdmin team, Hidora is a Platform-as-a-Service. It means that the platform automates so many complex tasks that even mid-level developers can deploy websites that required efforts of your senior SysAdmins in the past. Our intuitive dashboard is a comprehensive solution to build, deploy, manage and scale web applications in the cloud, which reduces the TCO of your cloud deployment and speeds up time-to-market.

Yes, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial and test all features of Hidora Cloud Platform. No credit card required.

Our cloud experts will help to migrate your ecommerce store to Hidora Ecommerce Cloud Hosting. Are you a new customer? We offer one-day of website migration for FREE. Need a migration? Contact our expert.

The Hidora Cloud Platform is all SSD-based, which reduces page load time significantly. Furthermore, our performance-optimized PHP stack based on Memcached, Redis, Apache, Varnish and Nginx guarantees the top speed of your online stores.

Hidora offers an absolutely scalable hosting solution for your applications. Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling manages instances in your environment all the time.

So don’t worry about traffic spikes, with Hidora’s auto-scalability you are always in control:

  • Automatic vertical scaling – controls allocation of RAM and CPU. Scales up if your website traffic grows and scales back during low load periods.
  • Automatic horizontal scaling – automatically distributes your application or database nodes on different physical servers, which enables high availability and provides you with access to more bigger number of computing resources.

With our intuitive dashboard you can easily scale your server manually or choose an automatic mode based on CPU, RAM, IO and others thresholds.

For sure, we will handle your website. The combination of our high-end infrastructure and the award-winning cloud hosting platform powered by Jelastic, makes Hidora the best option for high traffic websites. Your online store requires a special attention? Our 24/7 support team will take care of it.
Don’t take our word for it, see our blog post about Swiss Black Friday that is hosted on Hidora Cloud.

We charge you hourly basing on the consumed resources:

  • RAM and CPU (cloudlet resource unit)
  • Disk space
  • External traffic
  • Public IP

Our team of cloud professionals is ready to provide assistance with hardware support 24/7/365. In Hidora, we do everything for success of our customers.

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