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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hidora?

Hidora is a 100% swiss based scalable cloud hosting provider with an intuitive management-dashboard so simple that you only need to concentrate on development.

How are you different from AWS and Heroku?

Will Hidora ensure the security of my data?

To keep your data secure and confidential, Hidora’s server infrastructure is located exclusively in Switzerland. Swiss legislation guarantees you the best protection for storage of your data.
As Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, it is not bound by any obligation to share data with a third country.
In Switzerland, only a judge has the power to declassify your data, unlike in the United States under the Patriot Act.

Do you backup my data?

Yes, every 24 hours.


How do you ensure your client’s containers have the latest security updates?

We provide middleware and database stack templates, which are compiled and verified against vulnerabilities by Jelastic. Our team periodically patches (w/o downtime) clients’ containers in order to make sure that your services are secure and up to date. Check out the information about latest supported stack versions.

The politics is to use a LTS version. You can use your own docker (docker Hub or private registry) in this case, you are responsible of the updates.

How do you split responsibility? Who is responsible of applying security patches? What is the process?

This is a task of the customer to ensure the maintenance and application of security patches in the environments.

Do you have typical SLA?

Yes, you can have more info about our SLA here.



Is there tech support?

Our highly-responsive technical support team is always ready to help you. If you have any issue you can create a support ticket or send us an email.

How to access into the Dashboard?

You just  need to click on this link and to create an account.

How long does it take to deploy my environment?

You need just only a few minutes. In Hidora we believe that creation of environment should be effortless. Watch now the comparison of environment creation in Hidora, AWS and Azure.


What is a Cloudlet?

In Hidora, container resources are measured in cloudlets. It is a unit which includes 128MiB of RAM and 400MHz of CPU (tell me more about the cloudlet).


Do you have a Cloud offer (IaaS/PaaS)?

  • PaaS that supports Java, PHP, Node.JS, Ruby, Python, .NET / ASP.NET applications;
  • IaaS is capable of self-service provisioning of virtual instances and storage
  • Docker Container as a service with support of standalone engine and Swarm clusters.

Do you expose an API to interact with the Cloud environment?

Yes, our platform fully manageable by API, even by CLI for the continuous
deployment and continuous integration.

Is there a possibility to create a shared storage between VMs?

Yes, you can create a shared storage by NFS protocol that could mount very easily between the environment of our web interface.

Do you have a Floating IP system to redirect traffic across a pool of VMs?

We can provide a public IP that is dedicated to an environment, off or on. The IP will be available again to our customer as soon as you have destroyed your environment.
If you want a set of Public IP dedicated to your account, you just have to ask us beforehand.

How many of your customers deploy Docker on your infrastructure?

About 95% of our customers use docker.

Do you run and support either Docker Swarm or Kubernetes in production?

We have our own docker’s orchestrator that called Jelastic. We support anyway Docker Swarm.

What Linux distributions are supported as a base of Docker images in Hidora?

We recommend you to use one of the following base images.





Can I try it for free?

Yes, sure. Start now your  14-days  free trial.

How does the billing work?

You just pay as you use. Your bills will depend on the usage of all of your environments. Use our pricing calculator to estimate your custom price.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept any credit or debit card, Paypal or even Postpay invoicing.

How do I control my budget?

You can set up a maximum spending limit in the dashboard.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes you can cancel at any time as there is no minimum contract term.