All Features You Need to Build and Scale Your Application in the Cloud

All Features You Need to Build and Scale Your Application in the Cloud

Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling
Easily enable automatic application vertical scaling (up and down), or automatic horizontal scaling (in and out) with seamless load balancing across servers. Automatic vertical scalability can help you to handle traffic spikes hassle-free and without restarts.
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SQL & NoSQL database support
Combine your web servers with standard database server instances (dedicated instances exclusively for you) such as MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Neo4j, and OrientDB. You can even configure database replication & high availability in a click.
Effortless code deployment
Hidora offers plenty of application deployment options. You can deploy your code using Git/SVN integration, or upload any WAR/ZIP archive that contains already built deployment packages. Another options is to integrate your own CI/CD solution such as Jenkins or GitLab CI with SSH-driven deployment, or use plugins for IntellJ Idea, Eclipse and NetBeans. Java developers can leverage our Maven deployment plugin that can be included into pom.xml.
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High availability of applications
Configure automatic replication of application instances and fail-over seamlessly through the PaaS portal, with zero user impact. Your application nodes will be distributed across different physical hosts and isolated from each other, which leads to less application downtime and maximum availability.
Launch applications using pre-configured and performance optimized technology stacks: Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Node.js, and leading open source application servers such as Tomcat, Apache, Nginx, Jetty, and even GlassFish or Wildfly. If you need any other languages or stacks – just easily add them with the help of Docker containers.
Monitor your application performance and get real-time reports on Application load, Memory, CPU, and traffic consumption. You can access your historical data for analytical purposes. Hidora's Cloud can also notify you about traffic spikes and perform automatic scaling if needed. If you prefer using NewRelic, Dripstat or any other monitoring tool – it can be easily installed through add-ons.
Dedicated load balancers
Add a dedicated load balancer based on NGINX or HAProxy to your environment to distribute requests across horizontally scaled servers, increasing application performance and capacity. Our load balancers are preconfigured to work out of the box, including support for sticky sessions, SSL, Let’s Encrypt and WebSockets. Need to tune a load balancer to your own specifications? No problem, our load balancer is fully customisable!
Work better together
Collaborate with anyone from coworkers to clients. In Hidora, you can share environments with your team and clients, manage permissions, and control all changes with integrated audit logging.

Intuitive Dashboard

You don’t need anymore to figure out how to manage environments. Our intuitive dashboard with reach interactive visualizations simplifies the process of creating environments, installation, scaling and deploying applications.


SSH Access

Although our self-service portal allows to perform comprehensive management of your cloud environments, you can easily connect to your containers using SSH. Moreover, full root access is available for all CentOS & Ubuntu servers, or custom Docker containers.