CDN: Lightning-Fast Edgeport CDN | Hidora Swiss PaaS

Lightning-Fast CDN

Entrust your content to us and meet your visitors’ expectations. Get global CDN coverage and high-speed site access from anywhere in the world. Hidora offers Verizon Digital Media Services’ Edgecast Content Delivery Network named Edgeport.

Improve your website performance by 30%

130+ Super PoPs on 6 Continents

64 Tbps Network Capacity

Easy Integration

Edgeport CDN is already integrated with Hidora Cloud Platform. To enable it for your website you just need to install an add-on from Hidora dashboard.


Low-latency CDN

Our CDN increases the loading speed and performance of your web application by 30%. And provides 100% uptime.

Optimized delivery

Our CDN allows you to deliver video in a specific resolution to a specific mobile device, which may significantly improve delivery for video streaming.

Global Anycast-based routine
Global Anycast-based routine

Anycast DNS determines which of the DNS nodes is closest to the query point and sends data to this node. The request will be processed by the server closest to your customer to ensure the best user experience.

Dynamic content acceleration
Dynamic content acceleration

This feature delivers the content of dynamic e-commerce websites faster, using health checks and determining the best gateways to deliver your best route data from the client to the origin even when a part of your website nodes is uncacheable.


Hidora supports the HTTP/2 protocol, which can significantly improve the speed of serving your content.

Increase the quality of communication with your customers around the globe

Stay Secure from Cyber-attacks and Hacks

Our CDN provides you with rich security features out of the box. It includes Web Application Firewall (WAF), L3, L4 and even L7 DDoS protection and DNS protection, and guarantees the protection of your websites against different internet security threats. Moreover, all of these services are already integrated, so you don’t need to perform any extra configuration to use them.

security features


Data Transfer (per GB by monthly usage)Price
First 10 TB0.0805 CHF
Next 50 TB0.0705 CHF
Next 100 TB0.0604 CHF
Next 300 TB0.0503 CHF
Over 460 TB0.0403 CHF

HTTP and HTTPS requests (per 10,000) = 0.00755 CHF