How to deploy JIRA Software on Hidora: Track Your Tasks Easily

How to deploy JIRA on Hidora: Track Your Tasks Easily

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JIRA Software is a popular project management software. Using it you can manage the entire process of application development from concept to launch, being confident that nothing will be lost.

JIRA helps users make a to-do list and prioritize the tasks. Its simple & intuitive interface allows you to collaborate with colleagues and effectively manage your work. In addition, JIRA offers real-time reports and visual data to improve team productivity.

Currently, Jira is used by more than 65,000 companies around the world, including such giants as eBay, Spotify, Cisco and Airbnb.

How does Jira Software work?

Jira allows you to present the current workflow as a set of tasks and easily manage them together and separately. Each task is an isolated item with customizable parameters. The form for the task might look like this:

  • Name – to which project the task belongs (must briefly and clearly reflect the essence);
  • Type of task;
  • Priority – how critical is the implementation or failure to perform this task;
  • Components;
  • Status;
  • Content – detailed description.

In addition to the task, you can attach a picture or a screenshot, as well as leave a comment for further details. Having created a task, you can specify which project participant should carry it out (including yourself). In turn, the person for whom you have created the task may refuse to carry it out and redirect it back to you or agree – and then send you the task that has already been completed for verification.
According to this scheme, Jira Software works as a bug tracking system: testers “catch” bugs in the developed software, fix them in Jira and send the fixed bug to the developer responsible for this piece of code. After fixing the bug, the developer redirects the open task back to the tester so that the latter will make sure that the error really does not recur. After this, the task gets the status “closed”.

In the Jira Software interface, the project looks like a list of tasks, with displayed status near each task and the participants responsible for its execution.

5 advantages of JIRA

JIRA Software was designed as a flexible system capable to meet companies needs of various sizes and industries.

Increased productivity

The system uses mainly flexible project management, applying the approach of Scrum and Kanban (Scrumban), and captures data and regulatory data at each stage of the process. JIRA Software shows all users a complete picture of the processes in which they participate. All team members receive instant notifications on issues of interest to them and can communicate, share ideas and attach important documents.

Access to historical data

JIRA Software collects and aggregates all historical data in one searchable node and provides access to it at any time. Thus, team members will be able to perform all types of analysis and statistical research and prepare reports on their progress. Users have access to a dozen ready-made templates for performing work with minimal corrections, and also making custom summaries available.

A rich toolkit for developers

This system will become your developers’ favourite tool, as they get a dedicated JIRA Query Language (JQL) for creating all filters and manipulations. For example, JIRA can be connected to BitBucket and GitHub to provide tracking of deployments, as well as to create new workflows to synchronize various methods that users use to create, test, and release their applications. A robust set of APIs will also be useful for connecting JIRA to third-party software and getting the exact data transfer patterns you have provided.

1000+ add-ons

Extending the power of JIRA and ensuring it works according to your business specifications will be more than easy because the developers have provided you with flexible REST and Java APIs, as well as more than 800 plug-ins and plug-ins available in the Atlassian Marketplace. This makes JIRA a fully capable software environment that is ready for use immediately after creating your account.

Mobile apps to stay connected with your team

JIRA is ideal for large and remote teams working in different places, as it comes with native mobile applications that support Android and iOS users. Applications are just as effective as the desktop versions of the system, which means that you can use them to perform all the tasks and operations and access all the data available in your database.

Jira vs Trello

Although Jira is one of the most advanced and versatile programs for project management, it has many alternatives, including free ones. Let’s look at the Jira vs Trello comparison.

Trello is great if you have a small project that does not require a complex structure of development. The service is one or more kanban boards with lists filled with task cards. To show the progress of the task, simply drag it to another list.

Despite its visual simplicity, Trello includes an impressive list of out of the box features: comments, checklists, tags (labels or tags), deadlines, assignment of several performers to a task, downloading files from a computer and third-party services, and much more.

A low level of entry, an elegant interface, a wide range of integrations and a free version with all the basic functionality at one time brought this service to the top. We use it for managerial tasks and conducting uncomplicated business processes of the company.

Jira is great for complex projects that are being developed by Scrum. Jira allows you to flexibly manage sprints, epics, versioning, backlog, has a complex reporting system, as well as a flexible system of settings for all production processes.

The service is mainly suitable for professionals, the level of entry is quite high, the interface is not intuitive, and often requires a lot of effort to understand.

How to install Jira on Hidora?

Perform the deployment of Jira just in a few steps using Hidora’s marketplace.
Log in and open the marketplace. Find Jira application and click Install button. Wait for several minutes and your environment will be created.

jira installation in marketplace

You will receive an email with access credentials to your dedicated Jira instance.

Now you can start making workflows in your company more organized and rich great results with your team!