High Level of Data Protection | DATA CENTER IN GLAND

Our Infrastructure

Data Location

High Level of Data Protection

Our data centers are located in Safe Host Gland which guarantees you exceptionally low risk of flooding, landslides or earthquakes. When it comes to confidentiality Switzerland is one of the best countries for storing your data, so this location provides you with a high level of security and data protection.

Data Center

Reliable. Secure. Dual-Powered.

We are offering the most robust Tier IV highly secure Data Centers with fully fault-tolerant components: servers, storage, HVAC systems, uplinks, cooling systems etc. So even if your business is small and you do not have a big budget for hosting, with Hidora scalable cloud hosting you can get the best available uptime guarantee 99.95%.

Data Backups

 Redundancy and Security for Your Business

application migration

Never experience data loss with Hidora. Your data will be protected from all unexpected situations. We maintain an incremental backup, every 24 hours, of your important business files and data every day, and a full backup every 5 days. With our most rapid restore methods we can ensure you that your files are always available if needed.

powered by green energy

Energy efficiency / Green IT

Hidora cares about the environment. To minimize the impact of our operations on the environment our data center is entirely powered by renewable energy (hydro, wind power, biomass, solar) and optimized for the highest energy efficiency.

Because of using cold-corridors/cold-aisle containments, modern Turbocor™-based chiller units, free cooling during colder seasons our PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) factor is 1.25 or higher.