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Kubernetes Consulting

We know how to make Kubernetes help your business


Kubernetes consulting is one of the main directions of IT Consulting in Hidora. We believe that Kubernetes is the key component of digital transformation and the future of cloud computing. Our experienced team can make your Kubernetes, micro-services and cloud-native journeys smooth and enjoyable.


Architectural Consulting

  • Development of the right architecture of your cloud-native applications
  • Advice on how to transform legacy applications to optimize infrastructure, modernize applications and achieve your organization goals using Kubernetes
  • Develop high availability architecture of your Kubernetes cluster

Infrastructure and Processes assessment

Determine your organization’s technological maturity and gain actionable next steps:

  • Infrastructure apps and operational procedure review
  • DevOps processes maturity
  • Docker and Kubernetes readiness

Implementation and Onboarding

  • Configuration of  a monitoring system
  • Configuration of Kubernetes and etcd backup
  • Configuration of centralized log management and analysis system
  • Performance tuning of etcd and Kubernetes
  • Performance tuning and configuration of Ingress Controller
Kubernetes Support on any Infrastructure

Kubernetes Deployment and Support

  • Install Kubernetes on the top of your infrastructure: bare metal, OpenStack, VMware, or in the cloud (Hidora, AWS, GCP) with high-availability and fault tolerance support.
  • Perform safe upgrade of existing cluster
  • Data transferring from one cluster to another (application and data migration)
we can teach your team

Training for your team

  • How to operate Kubernetes
  • How to design and develop cloud-native applications
  • How to use Helm for the organization of CI/CD pipelines for Kubernetes
  • How to perform applications maintenance using Kubernetes in the most efficient way
integration icon

Integration with existing systems

  • Help configuring a security system up to your needs
  • Help configuring authorization using ActiveDirectory or LDAP
  • Configuration of Docker Trusted Registry and Security Development Lifecycle
  • Integration of Jenkins or TeamCity CI/CD with Kubernetes
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