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PHP Hosting in the Cloud

Advanced PHP 5.x, 7.0 and 7.4 support

Hidora supports PHP 7.4 from day one as well as PHP 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6. If you develop using Composer and Laravel – Hidora will be a perfect match for you, as it is designed for microservices and scaling.

Use The Tools You Love

Our platform provides you with a choice of Apache and NGINX web servers. The entry points of the applications can be secured using custom SSL certificates or Let’s Encrypt. You can also use your favorite databases and caches such as MySQL server, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis or Memcached. All of these applications will be allocated for you.

git integration
Git / GitHub

You can deploy your PHP application by just pushing code, our deployment manager can automatically pull your changes and update your application appropriately. In case you use horizontal scaling, Hidora will perform a rolling update to deliver the latest version of the code to all the PHP nodes.

ssh sftp
SSH, SFTP and CLI Access

Although Hidora PaaS dashboard provides comprehensive managed services, you can use SSH for advanced configurations. For instance, using SSH you can access tools like Artisan, Drush, and Console. Also Hidora allows you to deploy via FTP & SFTP. Lastly, we have a powerful CLI tool that can even replace our self-service UI.



High availability & agile scaling

Hidora allows you to start fast & iterate fast, and gives you a true platform on which you can scale. If your PHP web applications experience traffic spikes – just add a dedicated load balancer to your cloud environment to distribute requests across multiple horizontally scaled servers. This will increase application performance and high availability. We provide sticky sessions by default, but you can also use WebSockets or TCP load balancing if needed.


Zero downtime redeployment

Hidora takes care of your applications’ uptime and enables zero downtime redeployment of PHP applications even if you have only a single node. This technology allows to co-exist simultaneously both old and new versions of your application. Existing requests/user sessions are fully handled by your old code; new requests are serviced by the new code.


Integrated monitoring

Using Hidora’s built-in monitoring feature you can observe different consumption metrics of your PHP applications. In addition, our monitoring system can send you notifications once a PHP instance becomes overloaded.
Advanced monitoring use cases are covered by add-ons such as NewRelic or NGINX Amplify that can be applied to your PHP cloud servers with 1-click. NGINX Amplify is a free of charge SaaS monitoring solution for NGINX-based web servers and load balancers.


Changing of PHP version in runtime & cloning

Keeping your PHP runtime up to date is vital for your applications at least for security reasons. Hidora supports you, providing 1-click upgrade or downgrade of PHP versions. So if a new PHP version is released, a hassle-free upgrade can be performed, if the PHP version upgrade was not smooth, the previous version can always be rolled back.
In addition, a full clone of your production environment into a staging environment can be made, e.g. to test how an update patch works there before applying it to the production environment.

Legacy & Microservices Applications Support

Custom PHP extensions

Hidora’s PHP stack includes the most commonly used PHP extensions precompiled, if you need to use them, activate them by just uncommenting them in the php.ini file. Our support team can also compile custom PHP extensions that are needed by your project on request.

Persistent filesystem

Unlike many other PaaS solutions, Hidora allows you to use a persistent filesystem. It means that there is no need to rewrite your application to adapt it to the cloud, and the files you have written will be available even after a reboot. If some files should be replicated across different containers – you can easily achieve that using file synchronization add-on.

Adjustable server configuration

Although many cloud providers offer scalable PHP hosting, there are many cases when your PHP application needs an advanced tweak. It is not trivial, or even impossible on other platforms, but with Hidora you can change server configuration like php.ini, httpd.conf, nginx.conf, my.cnf to your specific requirements. In addition, Hidora supports standard Linux crontab which frees you from exhausting job scheduling workarounds.

Stack / FeatureAvailable  Technologies
Load BalancersNGINX, Apache, HAProxy, Varnish
PHP Application ServersNGINX (PHP-FPM), Apache (mod_php)
Tools / FrameworksComposer, Laravel, Symfony, Yii, Zend Framework
PHP VersionsPHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0, PHP 7.4
DatabasesSQL: MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL;
NOSQL: MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Redis, Neo4j
CachesMemcached, Redis
Deploy viaGit, SVN, Archive (tar.gz, zip), FTP/S, SFTP, Fabric, Capistrano