ASP.NET Core Deployment Guide | Hidora Cloud Platform


ASP.NET Core is an open-source web framework developed by Microsoft for developing application web.

It is a modular implementation that can be used on demand – each application, only needs to deploy what it needs. If you use .NET Core, you ensure that your codes and your applications are portable across different platform like Mac, Windows or Linux. It was also very important for Microsoft to let .NET Core open-source, this means, the possibility of the community to contribute to the constant improvement of .NET Core.

If you want to host your .NET Core application in the platform Hidora, you can follow the steps below:

1. Create an environment with a .NET application Servers.

2. When your environment has been successfully created, open your environment in your browser.

3. Your ASP.NET Core application will be visible to the Public and for that you will need to install three things :

  • .NET Core Runtime
  • .NET Core library
  • ASP.NET Core Module

You can download the package .NET Core Windows Server Hosting, that gathers the three modules.

You can also download it via command-line with Chocolatey :

Choco install dotnetcore-windowshosting -y

4. After the installation, restart your environment IIS and check if the modules AspNetCoreModule have been installed.

5. Stay in IIS manager and “add website”. Provide the different information needed: Site name, physical path (where your application will take place) and the binding configuration.

6. Now, you just need to deploy your app into the folder that you created on the IIS Systemtarget.


As we said before, ASP.NET Core is a modular implementation that can be used on demand. Hidora runs similarly.

In fact, Hidora’s mechanisms allow you to use only the resources that your application need. For example, if during the week, you have 500 visitors each day on your application web, and 200 visitors on Saturday – You will pay the resources in accordance with your use. This system will permit you to save money. With a horizontal and vertical scalability, Hidora provide a very good elasticity.

If you want to deploy another ASP.NET Core app into another environment in the future, you just need to clone your first environment IIS, and stop it so that you don’t pay for the resources that this clone consumes.