How to Install GLPI on Hidora | Manage IT Changes With Ease

How to Install GLPI on Hidora: An Easy Way to Plan and Manage Your IT Changes

install glpi on hidora

Today I would like to talk about GLPI – Open Source System HelpDesk, created specifically for IT. The system itself is written in PHP.

Every successful company inevitably grows and expands its staff. The growth of employees causes an increase in the volume of tasks and if the operators have to write tickets in Excel, it’s time to think about choosing a helpdesk platform.

This tool helps to manage service requests and incidents, to conduct an inventory of computer equipment and software. It provides SLA support, dynamic filters in the list of requests, a lot of interface languages, time tracking and even the calculation of work cost for every single request.

Equipment support deserves a separate mention. First of all, it is not just a list of equipment, it is software for computer inventory, network, and peripheral equipment. Secondly, it is possible to install the Fusion Inventory plugin, which collects all information about the equipment in the organization with the help of agents on users’ computers or via the SNMP protocol for network devices. This can significantly save time for IT service specialists.

How it can help you :

  • accounting of computers, peripheral equipment, network devices, printers, and related components
  • assignment of tasks, planning, etc.
  • license management
  • assignment of equipment by geographic region for users and groups
  • business and financial information management
  • management of the work equipment status.
  • management of help requests for all types of equipment
  • using of multiple interfaces allowing the user to send a request to support (web, email)
  • management of documents and contracts
  • creation of frequently asked questions “FAQ” and “Knowledge Base”
  • a report generator: hardware, networks, tech. support etc.
  • GLPI has many plugins to add extra features

Nowadays it is not just a “free manager of a computer equipment” as it used to be before, it is a multifunctional tool that can help you manage your IT infrastructure, support your users, plan your budget and manage your department. The capabilities of this tool significantly extend add-ons that are easy to use and have rich functionality.

To sum up, this software will help your team to increase productivity by making easier the process of office equipment inventory: detecting, organizing and replacing outdated computer equipment. Also, it will allow to organize, prioritize and track the status of requests, therefore speeding up the implementation of important and priority requests.

Installation of GLPI on Hidora PaaS

  1. Create a PHP environment with Apache and Mysql (or MariaDB)
Create a PHP environment

2. Click on the Access URL of your database and connect you using the credentials that you receive in the same mail

3. Create a database like below:

create database

4. Go to the Web SSH of your Apache :

web ssh of apache
  • extract GLPI project → tar -xzvf glpi-9.3.2.tgz
  • move all the content of the folder glpi into /var/www/webroot/ROOT → mv glpi/* /var/www/webroot/ROOT/ && rm -rf glpi

5. Enable gd extension, in /etc/php.ini uncomment

gd extension

After that, save and restart your environment.

6. Open in the browser your environment and follow the instructions.


7. Enter the information about your database that you receive by email (SQL server is the internal IP of your Database which is available from the dashboard, for example,


8. GLPI is installed now and you can start to use it: