How to Install Moodle LMS | Deploy It In Two Easy Steps on Hidora

How to install Moodle on Hidora: Learning Management System


About Moodle

Moodle is a learning management system, free software with a GPL license. It can be easily modified to meet your needs and integrated with other products. Moodle is an abbreviation of the Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

Due to its functionality, the system has gained great popularity and successfully competes with commercial LMS. Moodle is used by more than 90 million users around the world and translated into more than 120 languages.

Moodle provides an opportunity to design, create and manage the resources of the information and educational environment. The system interface was initially focused on the work of teachers who do not have in-depth knowledge of programming and administering databases, websites, etc. The system has a convenient intuitive interface.

The teacher can easily create an electronic course and manage its work. Practically in all resources and course elements, the convenient WYSIWYG HTML editor is used as input fields, in addition, it is possible to enter formulas in TeX or Algebra format. You can insert tables, charts, graphics, videos, flash, etc.

Using a convenient setup mechanism, the course builder can easily choose the colour theme and other design elements of the educational material without even knowing the HTML language.

Moodle Features

• personal account, profile and portfolio for each student;
• courses creation and appointment;
• control of learning and progress;
• knowledge assessment system;
• testing;
• training news and notifications;
• online event calendar;
• online surveys;
• upload and download documents;
• internal instant messaging;
• forum for discussion;
• wiki-knowledge base.

The Training Courses Organization

The main element of the system is training courses. As part of the training course, you can organize:

• transfer of knowledge in electronic form using textual lectures, presentations, videos, cases, etc;
• interaction of students with each other and with the tutor;
• test of knowledge with the help of tests, tasks, cases;
• working together on a specific topic using built-in wiki mechanisms, seminars, forums, etc.

The course is an area in Moodle, where the tutor will publish the training materials for the students. A tutor or training manager can contribute specific content to a course and reorganize it according to his own needs.

How to install Moodle on Hidora

Moodle is based on MySQL and PHP, thus it makes Hidora the best option to run Moodle, as it has first class support for MySQL and PHP stacks. Let’s figure out how to install it in two easy steps on Hidora.

  1. Go to the
  2. Open the Marketplace and search for Moodle
find moodle in marketplace

3. Click the install button, wait several minutes until your environment is created.
4. After you get credentials to your email, you can start making your online courses.