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How to deploy Matomo (Piwik) in one click?

install matomo

What is Matomo?

If you care about privacy and the idea of building the free and open internet, you could possibly think that while using such products like Google Analytics on your website, your users’ data is available not only for you. Today, I would like to talk about the alternative to Google Analytics – Matomo. Matomo, formerly Piwik is a powerful open source web analytics platform runs on PHP/MySQL web server. Matomo is a totally free website analytics tool, fully GDPR compliant. Matomo guarantees that you are the only owner of your users’ data. Matomo is used by over 1,500,000 websites. It is an alternative to Google Analytics available in 53 languages. With Hidora you will be able to install Matomo in a click, avoiding many manual actions.

How to deploy Matomo?

If you want to try it, you can deploy an environment easily in less than five minutes for free.

Firstly, you need to create an account on our platform , and then, install Matomo directly via the Marketplace.

marketplace Matomo

How to configure Matomo?

After validation of your environment, you will receive an email with the credentials of your database that you will use to configure Matomo as shown below.


After an installation, you will be able to take a look at Matomo’s features. Matomo is rich on documentation and on functionalities. Let’s check out some useful features.

Real time data updates

It is important to know how many users are visiting your website at the current moment and get detailed information about them. This feature refreshes your dashboard every 5 seconds and displays information about visitors. This report shows meaningful information about your user: operating system, country, browser, and tracks if he a returning visitor, or a new one. Also, you will be also able to see logs of all users.


This feature allows you to locate your visitors for accurate detection of Country, Region or City. On a world map, you will see the origin of your visitor thanks to his public IP.

Site Search Tracking

If you have an internal search engine on your website, you can track all searches with the Matomo tracking.

  • What word is the most searched
  • Which keywords resulted in no results
  • See the detailed of research for each visitor
  • etc …
Analytics for Ecommerce

Analytics for e-commerce helps you to improve your online business. Matamo displays the list of the best sold and ordered products showing the following metrics: quantity purchased, average price, average quantity, visits, etc.

Ecommerce graph
E-commerce graph

At Matomo’s website, you can have a look at all its features like analytics campaign tracking, page overlay, row evolution, site speed & pages reports, and other functionalities.

Why install Matomo on Hidora?

With Hidora PaaS your data is safe because Hidora is based in Switzerland and all your data is stored in our Tier IV datacentre in Gland. The data is backed up in another datacenter for reasons of security.

As an alternative to Google Analytics, Matomo guarantees to keep all your website information only in Switzerland.