Interview with Matthieu ROBIN | 2nd Anniversary of Hidora

Interview with Matthieu ROBIN for the 2nd Anniversary of Hidora

Hidora CEO inteview

For our 2nd anniversary our technological partner Jelastic interviewed our CEO Matthieu on the importance of PaaS for your business, PaaS trends and why Hidora is the best solution for your business.

Why did you decide to establish the company Hidora?

When I opened Hidora, I was working as a system administrator in a big Swiss Trading company.
Having solid background of system administration for more than 10 years, I tried different hosting platforms and most of them seemed to be highly inconvenient due to the lack of automation. Moreover, the process of buying a server in Switzerland can take up to 3 weeks, that is a very long time for businesses.

At the same time, there was a demand for highly automated cloud solutions in Switzerland. I was aware that many Swiss companies used AWS for hosting and I came up with the idea to offer a modern highly-automated cloud hosting solution with data centres located in Switzerland, that is a crucial factor for many Swiss enterprises. At that time most of the hosting companies offered only commodity services such as virtual machines and physical servers that were not very convenient for the customers. I noticed that Docker technology is cutting-edge and I thought it could be very useful to lower the entry point for Swiss customers, as Docker is a complicated technology. Thus Hidora was born – a Swiss cloud hosting PaaS platform with an easy user interface, simplifying the creation, management and scaling of applications based on Docker container technology.

What are the main benefits of Hidora?

Hidora is uniquely combining IaaS, PaaS and CaaS solutions equipped with a user-friendly interface and pay as you use pricing. PaaS guarantees the automation of complicated processes like the creation of a cluster for your application (consisting of a server and a database cluster) just in 5 minutes. Therefore saving about one month of your time and tens of thousands of francs for the expert who you have to hire to build the whole process. The other benefit of Hidora is that our solution is designed not only for developers, but also for production mission-critical workloads that require high-availability and fault tolerance.

The last thing I would like to mention is that Swiss companies require the high-quality support of local experts who share the same language and culture. That is what differentiates us from AWS and Google Cloud because we have local French and English support.

Why should companies use PaaS?

The first reason is that PaaS significantly reduces time-to-market because of the high level of automation and the ability to implement complex DevOps processes. For example, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., one of the biggest banks in the world, decreased the average time-to-market of their products by 59 days using PaaS. This is an impressive result. Just imagine, you can start selling your product earlier than your competitor who doesn’t use PaaS. This will give your company additional time to occupy a niche in the market, while your competitors are still preparing their product launch.

Moreover, PaaS not only saves your time but also reduces spending on development and maintenance of applications. By adopting platform as a service you can save your money on hiring system administrators because all administrative processes are automated. The most important thing is saving budget on database consulting, which is more expensive than the developers’ time in Switzerland, because there are not so many experts in this area.

Why developers should choose Hidora?

Hidora offers a wide range of templates for different programming languages. We provide a polyglot platform that supports JAVA, PHP, Ruby, Python, Go and Node.js. You can create any stack based on these technologies just in several minutes using an easy interface or command line if necessary. Also using Hidora you can build flexible CI/CD processes, making life for your team much easier. Besides, there is a high popularity of Docker technology among developers, which gives Hidora an advantage as a platform offering a user-friendly interface for the creation, scaling and configuration of dockerized applications. And the last very important thing is that Hidora provides not only simple templates, but also very complicated ones. For example, database clusters with auto replication and scaling. It saves a great deal of time for both developers and system administrators.

Which of Hidora’s features are better than AWS?

The main advantage of Hidora is a simple and user-friendly interface. You will not face any difficulties while creating an environment, everything is very intuitive. If you compare time to create an environment in Hidora and AWS you will see that in Hidora you spend a lot less time.
The other advantage we are proud of is JAVA support, because in Hidora you can find many more JAVA servers than in AWS, like WildFly, JBoss, Jenkins, Tomcat. In Amazon everything is built around a custom version of Tomcat. Lastly, it is very easy to understand your hosting bill from Hidora, but it is a very complex task with AWS.

What are the PaaS trends on your mind?

In my opinion, PaaS is a trend by itself and the future of cloud technologies. I think, that PaaS will be an integral part of big IaaS platforms in the next 5 years. In my mind, the logical path of development is a merger of PaaS and IaaS.

I also think that Database PaaS will become extremely popular because the data volume that should be processed is growing rapidly day by day. For example, because of the popularity of IoT, it becomes necessary to have tools, methodologies and ecosystems for processing a significant amount of information.

The next trends are simplification and visual programming that allow the creation of scripts with a user interface and interaction with several systems without having expertise in certain technologies. These Low-code platforms will result in PaaS not only being used by developers, but also by other users with no technical expertise.

Do you rely on any technology partner?

Our main technological partner is Jelastic, who is a key part of our cloud hosting service. Jelastic helps us to simplify the process of applications’ deployment and provides pay as you use pricing model.

Tell us about your team?

I’m proud of my team, we are passionate and highly motivated in what we do. We bond very well like a great family and together we can handle any challenging tasks from our clients. We have deep expertise in different IT fields and easily can help our clients with migration, deployment of microservice architecture, database management and complicated architecture tasks. Also, we have very experienced advisors who have been working in the hosting industry for dozens of years.