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Kubernetes Hosting

Manage Clusters at Scale

Deploy Your Apps On Kubernetes In Minutes

Kubernetes is a leading container orchestration software, which was originally created by Google, but available for every company today. Kubernetes can help you managing containers at scale, solving tasks like scalability, high availability, fail tolerance, rolling update and unified management of dozen of applications.

kubernetes hosting
 Kubernetes Package on Hidora
CNI plugin
Traefik ingress control
HELM package manager
Dynamic provisioner of persistent volumes
Heapster for gathering statistics
Kubernetes Dashboard

Kubernetes Features

Automatic recovering after a system failure

In the real world, any component of a service, including hardware servers and VMs may fail. Kubernetes is designed to handle such situations and performs automatic failover of your application in case of any outages.

Perfect fit for cloud-native applications

Microservice approach doesn’t only mean running your application inside containers. Kubernetes provides a complete infrastructure to run your cloud-native applications, including service discovery, load balancing, DNS, centralized logging and monitoring.

Shorten time-to-market

Kubernetes provides a modern approach to application development, deployment and delivery. You can also install hundreds of ready-to-use clustered applications including databases, application servers, message queues, etc.

Kubernetes on Hidora

Hidora runs Kubernetes nodes not as VMs, but as system containers. It means that you don’t need to pay for the whole unutilized node, but only for consumed resources.

one click

1-click install of Kubernetes cluster

Although Kubernetes is a complex software, Hidora fully automates its setup either for simple or multi-master configurations.

data protection

Encrypted networking

Kubernetes running on Hidora uses WeaveNet network plugin that supports fully encrypted communication.

change server configuration

Pre-installed ingress controller 

We pre-install Traefik ingress controller to provide you proper DNS-based request routing. You can integrate it with custom and Let’s Encrypt-based SSL certificates.

package manager

Integration with Helm package manager

We pre-install Helm in every cluster, so you can fully leverage Kubernetes service catalogues powered by Bitnami and other vendors. Helm is also a good tool to implement modern CI/CI processes.


Pre-installed Kubernetes dashboard

To make your experience easier, we pre-install Kubernetes dashboard that simplifies management process. You can also use kubectl for advanced operations.

location data center

Swiss Location

We host your Kubernetes clusters in secure Tier-IV datacenters located in Switzerland. We also provide an option to install Kubernetes on premise.

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