AWS, Azure and Hidora | Magento Deployment Race

Magento Deployment Race

Magento Deployment Race: AWS, Azure and Hidora

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Nowadays Magento is considered as the biggest open-source eCommerce solution. It is estimated that over 220,000 active websites are running on Magento with such big brands as Nike, Ford, Lenovo and Samsung among the users.

The possibilities of this website builder are endless but require a note of competence in coding. The installation of Magento also demands some technical skills and can be a complex and time-consuming task for many. Let’s analyse what current cloud providers offer in terms of Magento deployment to meet the needs of growing customer base. Below you can watch a video with comparison of Magento installation process on top of AWS, Azure, and Hidora, and make your own conclusion which option is faster, easier, and smoother for your project.

We timed the video so that the actual environment creation process begins at the same time in all three marketplaces. The total length of the video is approximately 12 minutes, feel free to speed up and play faster if you are not interested in all details. The image below shows the time it took to deploy Magento on each platform.



Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been in the cloud computing services sphere for more than ten years. AWS user interface provides a huge range of functions that requires lots of manual configurations. And what is awkward, this also refers to running of ready-made packages in marketplace. What is more, in order to install the Magento package, you have to reserve a server instance with a fixed price beforehand. The whole installation took about 4 minutes.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is on the market since 2010, and they make an easy entry to the cloud for those currently using Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange, and other Microsoft technologies. In Azure, Magento installation was performed within their marketplace – Azure App Services.
During the installation process we had to click Refresh button all the time as the status on the Summary page haven’t been updated automatically. The preparation of the application was not that easy, and the whole deployment took more than 11 minutes.

Hidora PaaS

Hidora is a Swiss-based Managed Hosting Company that uses on top of own infrastructure Jelastic Cloud Hosting Platform, Jelastic got to the cloud market since 2011 and is deployed at over 60 hosting service providers in 6 continents. One of the key reasons why customers choose Hidora PaaS is a friendly and intuitive interface. As it is seen in the video, it took a few clicks and less than 3 minutes to deploy Magento via pre-configured package in Hidora Marketplace. In addition, the already-installed environment automatically scales vertically based on the load.


The easier installation, the less efforts spent on configuration of the basic stuff and more time dedicated to the project growth. Working on the e-commerce project? Make the right choice and let Hidora be your personal system administrator- test drive Magento installation just in several easy clicks.