Cloud Server Deployment | Make The Development of Apps Easier

How to make the development of applications easier

Development of applications

Major problem

Deployment of server infrastructure can take several days depending on the technologies used which makes it one of the critical points in the development of the application.

Recently Xavier von Aarburg, Co-founder of Octree, shared how Hidora helped his team to kill two birds with one stone: have an automated & scalable cloud infrastructure with physical & legal protection for storing data in Switzerland.

About Octree

Octree is a Lean Studio offering two options for developing applications:

– Lean Product: the development of applications or digital tools from
– Startup Studio: help startups to launch a product and implement the idea in a matter of weeks.

We are strongly inspired by Lean Startup and agility is at the heart of our DNA. A constant pursuit of our work is optimizing the processes in order to facilitate work related to
iterations we carry out on the products we develop. So we can focus on the essentials and ensure better results.

octree team

Agile and secure infrastructure

Having an agile, optimized and scalable infrastructure was a big concern since the establishment of Octree. Our choice was focused on AWS services. Amazon offers many advantages in terms of automation and freedom of configuration.
However, a recurring question came from our customers, who were asking where their data was going to be hosted. We had to find a solution. Despite the quality of Amazon’s service, its complexity made us break out of our lean approach.
Then we discovered Hidora and its 100% Elastic Cloud solution hosted in Switzerland.
The most important argument was for customers’ data protection which we can now finally guarantee.

Lean and scalable

The location of Hidora’s data centre is not the only point that has tipped the balance, its flexibility and its DevOps approach are also aligned with what we want to offer to our customers. We can deploy, optimize, reuse and move entire applications in record time.
The applications we are launching today will not have the same needs tomorrow. We can guarantee our customers a high availability of service automatically, without any interruption of service, regardless of 1 or 100 000 users connected simultaneously.


Hidora PaaS solves a major and substantive issue with agility in the development of applications, and allows us to bring the best to our customers, while guaranteeing the physical and legal protection of their data in a Swiss-based data centre.