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Node.js Hosting in the Cloud

Hidora supports all major Node.js versions including 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. We keep an eye on new Node.js versions, so they are being added promptly after the official releases. Moreover, you can perform 1-click switch between different Node.js versions, which makes the version update procedure quite seamless.

You can always upgrade if a new version of Node.js is released. Also you can go back to your previous version if you have any problems with a new one. In addition, Hidora allows you to interconnect your Node.js app with dedicated database instances or clusters such as MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, Redis or Memcached. It makes Hidora a perfect place to host your MEAN applications and go into production in minutes!

Use The Tools You Love

package manager

Package and Process managers

Every Node.js server at Hidora comes with a pre-installed package and process manager. You can choose from npm or yarn as package manager; and npm, forever, supervisor or pm2 as process manager. You can switch easily between process and package managers even after you have created an environment.

GIT integration

Just push the code and you are live! All changes and updates of your application will be done automatically with the help of our deployment manager.
The good news is that you don’t need to perform any manual/command line activity to run and build your application. Once the source code is fetched, Hidora launches npm install (or yarn install, if it was set as a default package manager) to install/update all the packages, defined within the package.json.
After the required packages are successfully installed, Hidora starts Node.js server: npm start, pm2 start, supervisor start or forever start.

Moreover, Hidora performs a rolling update in case of horizontal scalability to deliver the latest version of the code to all the Node.js nodes.

git integration
ssh sftp

SSH, SFTP and CLI Access

In addition to powerful Hidora’s dashboard, you can use SSH for advanced management operations or FTP & SFTP to deploy your apps. Hidora offers a powerful CLI tool that allows you to manage your Node.js applications in the best possible way and replace our self-service UI if needed.


High availability & Automatic scalability

Start fast with Hidora and scale whenever needed. It is possible to add in a click dedicated load balancers (either NGINX or HAProxy) to scale your application horizontally based on a number of requests. So you can handle all the traffic. Sticky sessions are provided by default, but if you prefer to use WebSockets or TCP load balancing, they are also available.
Integrated load balancer can be used to terminate https requests. Hidora offers you several options for SSL, including 1-click Let’s Encrypt setup and custom SSL.

Monitoring capabilities

Using Hidora’s integrated monitoring feature you can observe different consumption metrics of your Node applications. In addition, our monitoring system can send you notifications once a Node.js instance becomes overloaded.
Advanced monitoring use cases are covered by add-ons such as NewRelic that can be applied to your Node.js cloud servers with 1-click.

persistent file system
Persistent filesystem

Unlike many others PaaS solutions, Hidora allows you to use a persistent filesystem. It means that there is no need to rewrite your application to adapt it to the cloud, and the files you have written will be available even after a reboot. If some files should be replicated across different containers – you can easily achieve that using file synchronization add-on.

Access to underlying hosting infrastructure

Although many cloud providers offer scalable Node hosting, there are many cases when your Node.js application needs an advanced tweak. With Hidora you have access to underlying hosting infrastructure and can change server configuration to your specific requirements. In addition, Hidora supports standard Linux crontab which frees you from exhausting job scheduling workarounds.

Hidora is very easy to get started even for novice developers!

Stack / FeatureAvailable  Technologies
Load BalancersNGINX, Apache, HAProxy, Varnish
Tools / Frameworksnpm, yarn, pm2, forever, MEAN, Express, Meteor
Node.js VersionsNode.js 8.xx.x, Node.js 9.xx.x, Node.js 10.xx.x, Node.js 11.xx.x, Node.js 12.xx.x, Node.js 14.xx.x
DatabasesSQL: MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL;
NOSQL: MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Redis, Neo4j
CachesMemcached, Redis
Deploy viaGit, SVN, Archive (tar.gz, zip), FTP/S, SFTP, Fabric, Capistrano