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scalable pricing

Scalable Pricing

Hidora offers a scalable pricing model without fixed plans because in Hidora you pay for the real usage. For instance, you can create an 8 GB server but if you only use 2 GB, you only pay for 2 GB!

You even can turn off your environments during weekends, nights, or seasons. You can adjust your configuration at any moment without an additional fee.

Our pricing starts at 2.20 CHF monthly.

Estimate Your Custom Price

Get a quick estimate of what your usage will cost on Hidora Cloud Platform

Number of servers
The quantity of this type of cloud instances you need in your environment.

Amount of reserved resources

RAM per server
You can increase RAM in 128 MiB increments.
CPU per server
You can increase CPU in 400 MHz increments. This CPU power will be reserved by your application.

Storage and options

SSD Storage
Solid state disks, providing very high IOPS and very low latency block storage. First 10GB is free each hour
Public IP address
Public IPv4 address is needed for direct access to your website through the Internet
Estimated cost
0 CHF/mo
0 CHF/hr

Cost of Popular Instances on Hidora

Additionally, you get:

  • 60+ PaaS templates for PHP, Java, Node.JS, .NET, Ruby, Python, Go, Docker 
  • SQL & NoSQL Databases
  • Autoscaling up to 32 GB RAM
  • Free Backup every 24 hours

Start a free trial to get an access to our simulator of the hourly & monthly rate

Cost of Typical Configurations’ Examples on Hidora

Simple Website

from 4.4 CHF/mo

Highly-Available Website

from 12.1 CHF/mo

Docker Application

from 8.6 CHF/mo


from 2.2 CHF/mo

Did we mention that it takes just a couple of minutes to get your cloud server with Hidora?

no credit card required

Top Questions About Pricing

We only charge for the resources your environment uses. The costs are divided between 4 simple resources:

  •       RAM and CPU

From CHF 1.04 ( 0.00143 CHF/ hour) per month to CHF 2.21 (0.003025 CHF/ hour) for a reserved cloudlet. From CHF 2.81 ( 0.00385 CHF/ hour) per month to CHF 4.01 (0.0055 CHF/ hour) for a dynamic cloudlet.  Each cloudlet, either reserved or dynamic, equals to 128 MB & 400 MHz. The more cloudlets you consume or reserve, the less you pay for each cloudlet.

  •       Disk Usage

0.1 CHF per GB per month (0.00013699 CHF/hour). The first 10 GB (SSD) storage per environment are free of charge.

  •       Network traffic

From 0.02 to 0.04 CHF per GB. The first 2 GB of external traffic every hour are free, as well as all internal traffic between servers.

  •       Public IP address

3.15 CHF per month (0.00431507 CHF/hour)

We have 2 different ways of billing: pre-paid and post-paid.
Choosing pre-paid billing you can refill your account with 10, 20, …500,1000 CHF, and then we charge your account by hourly resource usage. You keep everything in control and never get unexpected bills. You can also enable auto-refill option.

In case of post-paid billing, you receive an invoice each month based on your resource consumption.

We accept payments in Swiss franc (CHF). You can pay with any credit and debit cards, Postpay invoicing or even PayPal.


Hidora is remarkable transparent about its pricing rates. You can define a maximum possible budget for your project by setting up a number of cloudlets for each server on the Scaling Limit slider in Hidora’s dashboard. Price estimation calculator will show your approximate price immediately.

Hidora’s prices are flexible and scalable. They are based on actual consumption so your bill reflects exactly what you use per hour.
This pricing model is based on resource units called “cloudlets”. Each cloudlet accounts for 400 MHz of processor speed and 128 MB of RAM.

Hidora offers you two types of cloudlets:

  • Reserved Cloudlets – a type of cloudlets that allows to get significant automatic discount rates. A number of resources you reserve beforehand and pay for it whether you spent all resources or not.
  • Dynamic Cloudlets – a type of cloudlets that allows you to pay based on your actual resource usage. Set your maximum resource consumption and the Dynamic cloudlets will add and remove automatically depending on your site load.

The combination of the Reserved and the Dynamic cloudlets allows you to save up to 80% of your hosting bill.

Hidora’s pricing model is able to adapt to your needs. While creating a cloud server you can specify both the amount of resources that will be reserved and/or dynamically allocated to handle all of the incoming requests during load peaks. Use Reserved and Dynamic cloudlets together and be prepared for all unexpected surges in application demands whilst cutting your cloud TCO.

When you use Dynamic cloudlets, the hourly price varies as you pay only for what you really use. For example, if during the night time you have fewer website visitors, you pay less compared to the busier daytime.

Besides, you can pay a flat fixed price if you don’t expect huge traffic spikes. You can configure the amount of reserved resources (Reserved Cloudlets) and pay a fixed fee for them. Reserved cloudlets are cheaper than dynamic ones (up to 42%), so it is a good option for additional cost savings. However, you always pay for the same number of reserved cloudlets, even if you use fewer resources.

It is possible to combine both pricing options together, i.e. use both reserved and dynamic cloudlets, or use them separately for different types of workloads.

For example, you created a server with 6 Reserved cloudlets (768 MiB RAM & 2400 MHz CPU) and set a maximum limit of 20 Dynamic Cloudlets (2560 MiB RAM & 8000 MHz CPU). This configuration will cost you:

  • if you use 6 cloudlets or fewer, you pay for 6 cloudlets based on your discounted Reserved cloudlets price.
  • if you use e.g. 18 cloudlets, you pay for 6 cloudlets based on the Reserved price (as they are already allocated) and for 12 cloudlets based on the Dynamic price.
If you have questions that we didn’t cover, we will be happy to answer them.