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It is difficult to have a team of experts in all possible technologies, at least it can be costly. It is more reasonable to outsource a bunch of non-business critical IT tasks to an external experienced team. Hidora offers professional services in IT

With Hidora you will get a dedicated team of inspired IT-professionals who know you and your business. We provide you with deep technical expertise in multiple technologies, mentoring, and daily operations of your applications and servers.

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How we can help

application migration

Application migration

Hidora supports and assists you during application migration processes. We have expertise in data & system migration, bulk data transferring and configuring constant replication.

For example, if you have a Magento ecommerce store we can help you to move it to our scalable cloud infrastructure, or even transform a single-instance monolith Magento topology to a multi-tiered clustered topology if needed.

Cloud Architecture

Very often moving legacy IT applications to the cloud is a big deal. Fortunately, Hidora Cloud Architects can share their expertise, provide mentorship and training to your organization. Typically, we perform the audit process of your IT-services, and provide you with a list of possible cloud architectures that fits your company best in terms of complexity and TCO.

You can rely on us with migration of your Staging and Production environments to the cloud, full automation of apps delivery model, transformation of a legacy VM deployment without redundancy to a multi-tier highly available topologies with load balancing and automatic failover, or even micro-service architectures.

cloud architecture
automation of deployment pipelines

Automation of Deployment Pipelines

Your developers struggle creating efficient deploy and release management pipelines? Simply delegate this complex task to Hidora DevOps experts that will create and integrate Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery-pipelines for you. Whether you use Jenkins, GitLabCI, Tuleap, Bamboo or Docker – we cover them all.

Automation of your Applications

In many cases built-in IaaS automation still requires to implement a proper lifecycle of your application and its configuration. Hidora has a PaaS platform which is container-based and provides various of automation recipes of scaling, backup, version upgrade and configuration management.

automation of applications
devops infinity


We provide you with DevOps consulting, which includes training and implementation of build and deploy processes, moving apps from dev-to-staging-to-production and integrating a wide variety of CI/CD tools, monitoring, centralized logging, etc.

Building a Private Cloud

Hidora cloud experts can build for you a private cloud on premise, virtual private cloud (hosted private cloud), which can be based on IaaS or PaaS technologies. Moreover, we can integrate it with your existing infrastructure and services, or even 3rd party cloud platforms.

private cloud
docker consulting

Docker Services

We do an analysis of your current architecture and create a scope of work that can be implemented by any contractor. We can configure a whole build process based on Docker images, design and implementation of CI/CD pipelines, a transformation of legacy applications into cloud-native applications, configuring multi-cloud and hybrid deployment of Docker-based applications, creation and support of Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or any other orchestrator application manifests. Also, we provide training sessions about Docker technology and building micro-services applications.

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