How Cloud Consulting Can Speed Up Your Time-To-Market

How cloud consulting and outsourcing can speed up time-to-market and reduce your IT budget

cloud consulting

During communication with digital companies and startups, we understood that the lion part of their problems is hidden in the IT field.

We highlighted three main difficulties that give IT budget a significant boost and prevent the companies from achieving the desired business indicators, including such important as time-to-market.

Shortage of IT professionals with specialized skills, that leads to the slow implementation of new technologies.

The shortage of specialists with the necessary level of education, motivation, professional skills is growing day by day, and the IT sphere is not an exception.

IT is a rapidly changing industry: new versions of existing frameworks are constantly releasing; one technology can be easily displaced by another solution in only a few months.

It is difficult to keep up with all the technologies that appear every day. Sometimes it can take hours spent on checking the resumes, money spent on the budget for HR professionals, and months to find the right person with needed qualifications to join your team.

However, in some cases, you don’t even need to hire a full-time expert to solve your immediate one-time tasks. Hiring full-time people means that you have to make a long-time commitment and can’t easily break an employment contract.

Can’t implement fast enough to meet business goals because of the communication challenges between Dev and Ops.

Quickly reacting to the market situation is no longer an advantage, but a necessity for digital companies. When postponing the release of a new product or new versions, the business loses real money and market share.

For instance, any bug on the website of an online store, where software changes need to be made very quickly and efficiently, can affect the conversion. It means that any website issue in such businesses is expressed in real money.

Fast and effective software development today is unthinkable without sharpened workflows. It is impossible to improve the product quality, predictability, transparency and repeatability of business processes in the development and implementation of software without DevOps tools, which help administrators and developers work more efficiently together.

Unfortunately, not all companies know how to effectively include these tools in the development process.

Don’t have enough IT infrastructure capacity.

Equipment procurement planning is a headache for the CTO of any company. There are two common problems: either you buy too much equipment (much with a margin), or you buy less than you really need.

Both options are not the best, because you either spend IT budget for nothing, or you will not be able to withstand the load, for example, during Black Friday if we talk about online stores.

At the same time, most CIOs and CTOs prefer to concentrate on their core business, forgetting about the problems associated with the daily maintenance of their IT systems, or significantly reducing the amount of time spent on it.

In this case, there are several ways to solve all the above problems in one way or another. All these methods can be combined to achieve the maximum effect.

Use cloud platform

Cloud technology has been developing and integrating into businesses for years. There are a few simple outcomes of using cloud computing for any organization, among them are:

  • an enormous reduction of CapEx spendings;
  • paying only for resources that you are actually using;
  • reducing your spendings and efforts on management & support of server infrastructure.

For example, cloud technologies can dramatically reduce the time system administrators spend on launching applications and accelerate the process of creating and configuring servers to a few minutes. Thus, it is possible to decrease the cost of system administration and invest more money in the development.

Moreover, it can speed up time-to-market, and drive down TCO of your IT system by 50% or more.

Another important point is elastic scaling of cloud: you can spin up hundreds of servers and shut down when they are not needed anymore. This is roughly impossible in case of on-premise infrastructure because you have to pass through a long procurement procedure, which may last months.

Automate processes

As everybody knows, time is money. If you always perform routine tasks manually, there is always a risk of a human error and money loss due to some tasks can’t be completed on time.

Implementing automation may be a hard task, but can save your time and money significantly in the future. We recommend you start with automation of workload and service configuration and provisioning, monitoring, alerting and patching.

Implement DevOps and Agile

DevOps approach in a combination with agile methodology can help you speed up IT delivery and time-to-market. Proper implementation of DevOps techniques will result in a faster process of software development, frequent rolling out updates and bug fixes on the production environment.

As a result, your customers will have the latest versions of your product sooner, which may result in getting feedback from them on time and winning a competition racing.

Get consulting services

Considering that most of the companies are concentrated on building their product and services, normally they have a big product development team, but small operations teams whose primary task is to support current business processes.

However, both big and small companies sometimes need expert strategic advice on emerging technologies, or assistance in the implementation of new technological platforms and processes. Growing such experts within a company is a big deal mainly because it takes a lot of time.

By working with external experts, advisors, consultants and contractors, you will be able to move in a right direction, always be on a track, and reduce your IT budget quicker and with more efficiency.

For example, Hidora may provide you with expert consulting on building modern DevOps processes, creating cloud-ready & highly available applications and integrating emerging technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes. We not only provide you with strategic IT consulting services, but we can also deliver IT training for your team.

Entrust your hosting to a managed service provider

It is much cheaper to get a fully managed server than hire a full-time system administrator.

A managed service provider can take care of your server, help you quickly implement the latest technologies and provide you with deep technical expertise. That will not only help you to focus on your core business but also reduce cost in the long term.
In Hidora we provide two types of managed services:

  • PaaS platform, which automates many routine and complex tasks on server management.
  • Professional services, the team provides expert management services and take care of your infrastructure in the cloud.


As a conclusion, businesses of all sizes should care about time-to-market and digital transformation because it may help them to survive in our highly competitive world.

However, these goals shouldn’t be achieved alone, because it can be a big deal. Companies can rely on trusted managed service providers and consulting agencies, which have expert knowledge in important technical or business areas and can help you to significantly reduce time-to-market and achieve groundbreaking results.

We in Hidora can provide you with all types of DevOps Consulting services, including the latest technologies and processes like Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, etc, which can actually be your best option to keep IT costs under control and enable your in-house IT team to focus on adding more strategic value.