How To Save Money On Cloud Hosting Expenses | Hidora PaaS


By Hidora

Contrary to other PaaS and IaaS on the market, Hidora does not need you to opt for a machine size and the related expenses. Instead, Hidora dynamically adapts the resources allocated instantly adjusting application servers’ volumes, and ensuring that they have the resources required. Thanks to Hidora, you pay for your effective resource use, not the instance size. And today we are happy to give a few tips and tricks on how to economize even more money.

1. If your environment is a test or dev environment and you don’t use it on nights and weekends – you can save that money! Don’t pay for the time that you do not use.
It is possible to stop your dev or test environments when you don’t use them.

2. Within your settings you can define your scalability limits – and thus effectively manage / control the budget you are ready to spend.

scalability automatic

3. It’s also easy to track your spending.
Check the amount of consumed HDD, RAM, CPU and Network Bandwidth according to each container by selecting the Statistics button of the desired node.


In the Billing history within your dashboard you can see the cost of previously consumed/used resources during the stated period.

billing checks

If you have any questions regarding our pricing or resource consumption, please contact our support team. We’ll help you to save your money and time.