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Easy Setup of Jenkins Cluster with Hidora

jenkins to hidora

What is Jenkins?

In this article, I will explain how to install Jenkins automatically. Jenkins is an open source software for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration. That allows you to manage a big number of nodes, calling slaves. It supports different tools that help to solve many tasks related to project build and deploy.

Jenkins is now used almost in any company where there is a need for automatic deployment of applications and infrastructure, as well as in the convenient management of various kinds of tasks.

There are many other tools (both paid and free) available on the market, but we prefer Jenkins, as a free tool with huge capabilities and thousands of plugins that are constantly added and updated.

When single-node Jenkins is not enough

Although it is easy to set up a simple Jenkins installation, there are many cases when it doesn’t work for you.
The first case is when you have many applications that require separate build jobs and a few teams that develop these applications. When you run multiple jobs simultaneously, it may lead to lack of system resources on your Jenkins server. As a result, these jobs may fail or execute dramatically slower than usually.

Another case is when you need to build your application for different operating systems (i.e. Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris) or for different operating system kernels. This task becomes impossible if you have only a single Jenkins node.

Both tasks can be solved by the use of separate Jenkins worker nodes that are managed by the master node. The good news is that this configuration type is natively supported by Jenkins. There is a Jenkins Swarm plugin, which can be used to create a Jenkins cluster containing one master and multiple worker nodes.

We managed to fully automate the setup of a Jenkins cluster with Swarm plugin through Hidora Marketplace. Each Jenkins node runs in a separate Docker container.

How to install Jenkins on Hidora

After the registration, you’ll be able to go to the marketplace and find Jenkins Cluster.

find jenkins cluster in marketplace

Click install and wait for several minutes until the installation will be finished.

install jenkins cluster

When your application is deployed you will get a letter to your email. Once Jenkins Cluster package is installed, press Open in Browser button to access Jenkins web console.


As you may see, the process of Jenkins cluster setup is pretty easy with Hidora. Set up Jenkins cluster in minutes!