Service Level Agreement | Hidora

Hosting Service Level Agreement

Providing high availability to our clients to help their businesses succeed is one of the main goals of Hidora team.

If you submit a ticket about your technical problem through our support portal or send it to it will be processed with guaranteed response times. We are ready to provide infrastructure support 24×7 and customer support from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CEST from Monday to Friday.

Hidora Support Portal:
Support E-mail:

The response times differ depending on the level of severity. Below you can find the list of issues related to each severity level.

High Severity Level

Maximum response time: 30 minutes
Maximum restore time: 4 hours

Your issue will be considered as high severe in case of:

  • The occurrence of the system crashing or hanging
  • Your data was corrupted or lost
  • Unavailability of needed critical functions.

Normal Severity Level

Maximum response time: 1 hour
Maximum restore time: 8 hours

Your issue will be considered as normal severe in case of:

  • The necessity of system restart or recovery caused by product error or failure
  • The software performance is severely stalled
  • Any functions are unavailable, but the system is able to perform under restricted mode.

Low Severity Level

Maximum response time: 8 hours
Maximum restore time: 48 hours

Your issue will be considered as low severe in case of:

  • Error report with the workaround
  • A minimal level of degradation in performance
  • The product doesn’t function properly well with minimal impact
  • You have any questions regarding platform features and configuration, need expert advice for how to use the platform or would like to suggest any enhancements.

It’s our priority to make sure that our customers’ web applications always stay uptime. We are doing our best to keep our clients happy and provide a great experience with Hidora.