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Cloud Hosting for Startups

Starting from an early stage each startup goes through the different stages of development and requires different hosting needs. Hidora offers a one-size-fits-all cloud hosting solution with the benefits for startups at all stages. Whether you need to scale or reduce your resources Hidora can save you a significant amount of your cloud hosting bill.

From an Idea to a Successful Company with Hidora Scalable Hosting

Our Cloud Hosting Platform spares you from the necessity of doing any administrative tasks connected with infrastructure management. Hidora is a PaaS for your SaaS. No matter what your startup’s size and stage Hidora will be your perfect match.

idea stage
Build Your Idea Quickly

Is your MVP/MVS ready? It is time to build an online presence and show this product to your first users. With Hidora you can build and scale websites extremely quickly. Test the first version of your dream product with significant savings on your cloud hosting costs.

Implement your idea faster than others. While other startups are searching for a system administrator, Hidora can replace him. Create environments with load balancing, high availability and database clustering in a click, and leave managing and configuring to Hidora. Shorten your journey to success!

Did you get feedback from your clients and want to make a pivot? Take your time! Just stop all your environments and pay only for storage.

web traffic growth
Popularity is just around the corner

If your marketing campaigns have been productive, or Product Hunt wrote about you, your service has become viral and a steady stream of traffic comes crashing down immediately on your website. Are your servers ready for those load peaks and can handle “slashdotting”? With Hidora’s horizontal and vertical scalability you will never worry about it because your server resources will scale automatically with your traffic needs.

Also this feature allows you to spend less money on cloud hosting and more on growing. Scale automatically and pay for what you really use with our consumption based pricing model.

It’s vital for any startup not to lose the prospects coming to the website and see results from every penny invested in advertising. With our 99.98% uptime guarantee you can be sure that you will not lose any of your potential clients. With Hidora your website is always available for your customers and investors.

cloud hosting

Polyglot Platform

Deploy your favourite applications using performance optimized and pre-configured technology stacks: PHP, Node.js, Java, Ruby and Python, and popular applications, and web servers such as Tomcat, Apache, Nginx, Jetty, Wildfly or GlassFish. If you require any other technologies – just easily bring them by means of Docker containers.

grow your team
Time to Grow Your Team

At some point you understand that it’s hard to move on alone and it is time to grow your team. In this case, you can easily share your environments with your new team members and even clients. Have a high level of control with integrated audit logging, manage permissions and track all changes.

initial coin offering
Planning ICO?

Are you a tech or fintech startup preparing for ICO? Running ICO on Hidora will totally protect you in case of any traffic spikes and take away your headache about data security. Hidora keeps your data directly in Switzerland, Gland. So you can be sure that your data will be safe with us protected by Swiss legislation. Check out our case study with our client who is preparing for ICO.


Vincent Trouche CEO,

“Hidora has put together a high-performing and very scalable infrastructure for our website, a critical point for us as we will be conducting a token sale (a.k.a. ICO) later this year. Token sales can draw thousands of connection request in their last hours, it is of the utmost importance to have a reactive infrastructure to offer a good investor experience. Also, Hidora hosts all our data in Switzerland, a geography that offers an unparalleled level of protection for our client’s data.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Our data centers are located in Gland, Switzerland.

Even a child can create an environment using Hidora. Our intuitive interface allows you to start seeing what’s what in a matter of seconds.

You can request 24/7/365 hardware support. Our team of inspired IT professionals is always ready to help.

Our team can provide you with deep technical expertise in multiple technologies, mentoring, and daily operations of your applications and servers. Learn more about our professional services.

You pay only for what you consume, stop environments when you want and pay hourly. Starting at just CHF 13.8/monthly for 1 GB RAM and 3.2 GHz CPU. Compare examples of the most popular pricing packages.