The 2018 Year in Review: New Features, Posts and 1-Click Install Apps

The 2018 Year in Review:

New Features, Articles, Case Studies and One-Click Install Applications


Another year has passed and we want to share with you the new features appeared in Hidora PaaS in the 2018 year. Also, we would like to remind you of our best articles and case studies.


Kubernetes Hosting

We would like to announce that Hidora now officially supports Kubernetes. Hidora runs Kubernetes nodes as system containers, not as virtual machines. It implies that you pay only for consumed resources, and not for the whole unutilized node.

Kubernetes Consulting

We consider that Kubernetes is one of the main components of the digital transformation. There is no doubt it will make a great impact on the future of cloud computing. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you with the most popular cases of using Kubernetes. We offer architectural consulting, infrastructure and processes assessment, implementation and onboarding, Kubernetes deployment and support, training for your team and integration with existing systems.


Templates Auto-Clustering

To ensure high-availability and data replication of your applications new version of Hidora PaaS offers out-of-box clusterization of the managed templates, which allows reducing significantly the time-to-market. This feature is available out-of-box on MariaDB, MySQL and Coachbase databases.

auto clustering

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication provides you with a high level of security. Now you have a possibility to protect your account by using passcodes generated in the authentication app on your mobile phone. You can easily enable this feature in a new section named ‘Account’ in the tab settings.

two factor authentication

UI for Access Tokens

Previously in Hidora, you had to use username and password for API request authentication. In the updated version of our platform, we are providing you with a modern and safer alternative to the old way – personal access tokens. They help you authenticate API requests programmatically from your application.


Node Group Scaling Mode

You can now choose the scaling mode for each node group in your environment. There are two types of them: stateless and stateful. The difference is that in the stateless mode a new node is created from the base image template when in stateful mode a new node is created by copying entire filesystem of the master container.


Firewall Management System

Firewall is a well-known concept that allows creating access control lists to your applications. Now Hidora provides you with a powerful UI to manage firewall settings and restrict the access to your nodes based on IP address, protocol, port, etc.


Go Language Support

Hidora PaaS now officially supports Go applications along with Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and Node.js. Everything is automated as usual – just push your code into Git repository, and Hidora will build and deploy the application to the cloud.


Built-In Web SSH Console

In addition to access to your containers using standard SSH clients, now you can establish SSH connection right from Hidora dashboard. The process is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require entering any login and password, as Hidora will substitute them for you.


One-Click Install Applications Useful for Your Business

And more than 60 applications in our marketplace.

Cases Studies

The Most Interesting Articles

Our Articles at DZone

Hidora – Your Reliable Hosting Partner in 2019

We would like to thank our clients who stayed with us during this year and the new clients who trusted us the stability of their applications. In the coming year, we will do our best to make our customers happy.

Stay with us!

DevOpsDays Geneva

Also, we would like to remind that our company is evangelizing DevOps culture in Switzerland. Hidora is one of the organizers of DevOpsDays Geneva 2019 event. For the limited time only, you can buy an early bird ticket at 50% off until December 31st. Don’t miss your chance!

devopsdays geneva